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Your hosts Lynne and Eddie Fraser have been in the accommodation industry on the Chathams, looking after visitors to these wonderful islands since tourism started here. Black Robin Homestays gives you a personal, warm and welcoming accommodation experience in the heart of a real Chatham Island family with history that goes back generations.

“Quality accommodation and quality hosts.”

Staying at Black Robin Homestays feels a bit like going to stay with the really cool Auntie and Uncle that you never get to see often enough, and that you really look forward to seeing again. Whether you are there for business or just to have a look around, you will be made to feel welcome and included in the family, to whatever extent you want. Leaving there is almost like leaving a family member behind.

Lynne and Eddie have grown this business from humble beginnings to consistently being one of the best accommodation providers on the Islands. One advantage of this business for them is that they get to show off their wonderful islands to their guests and then spend time with them, talking, dining, playing cards or simply chilling out watching TV.

hostsBlack Robin Homestays is named after that amazing wee Black robin, endemic to the Chathams and once believed to be on the very edge of extinction, with just 5 birds left. In true Chatham Island spirit, armed with the resilience that comes from living on the edge of the world, the Chatham Islands Black Robin now boasts a population of several hundred adult birds.

The Chatham Island Black Robin

Black Robin are very small, and live for as long as 13 years. Their favourite diet consists of insects such as cockroaches and weta, as well as grubs and worms. They mate for life and while they will lay two eggs and will re-lay if their clutch is lost, nesting low to the ground has made them vulnerable to pests.

All the Black Robins alive today descended from the last breeding pair, named ‘Old Blue,’ and ‘Old Yellow.’

Black robins like foraging in the deep layers of litter found on flat areas of the forest floor.
Currently, populations are on South East Island and Mangere Island in the Chatham Islands group, although several unsuccessful attempts have been made to get another population going in a predator-proof enclosure on Pitt Island

Black Robin Homestays is located on Hospital Road , in the main centre of Waitangi (See map)robin-black-location and is only three minutes walk to the centre of town, the beach, hotel, cafe, bank, store, museum, hardware  store and police station.

Our guests get to stay in town, but without the traffic noise or ‘crowds’ that you can find at other venues.

Take a stroll on the endless expanse of Waitangi beach. Have a fossick around for sharks teeth or edible shellfish. ‘Chillax’ in solitary bliss and then meander back for a sumptuous meal prepared by Lynn. Make sure you have got room, because you are seriously going to enjoy it.

Wake in the morning to the sound of native birds and see for yourself just how attractive that beach is with the dawns early light on it. Go for a jog or a walk before breakfast and then tuck in to whatever you need to get you through the day.
Visitors are always surprised and impressed with the beauty of this area and how far they can go without bumping into others.

Guests at Black Robin Homestays have a number of accommodation options and at the end of a busy day seeing the sights and scenery of the Chathams, there is also a luxurious spa bath to relax in. After a wonderfully decadent evening meal relax in solitude or come and relax in the lounge and talk with your hosts or sit outside on the deck and admire the million dollar views over the harbour and beach.

Call Lynn and Eddie for a quote for your next stay at Black Robin Homestays and see for yourself why people choose to stay there, again and again. Enjoy the hospitality, the homeliness and the atmosphere at Black Robin Homestays.

Black Robin Homestays; quiet, comfortable home-style accommodation.

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